How to find your bangle size ?

How to find your bangle size ?

Bangles are round but your hand is not round, therefore it's difficult to find the real bangle size that fits you only with the diameter or the circumference of the bangle. Of course, as with the rings, the easiest way to find your bangle size is to go in a shop, try different size, and note the diameter that fits you. Then refer to the table here below to link the diameter to the Zeva size :


Your hand tour

 in mm

Bangle size

to choose


of the bangle

Min * Max *   mm
- 181      XS 54.2
182 191      S 57.2
192 201      M 60.5
202 210      XM 63.5
211 221      L 66.8
222 230      XL 69.8
231 240      XXL 73



* If your hand size is closer to the Min, the bangle will pass comfortably the hand and slide from the beginning of the hand to the first half of the forearm.


** If your hand size is closer to the Max, the bangle will be a bit difficult to pass through the hand but will slide on a more limited range of the forearm, from the base of the hand to approximatively 5/10cm along the wrist depending on your arm size. You can consider taking the upper size if you prefer to be more comfortable to pass the bangle and if you prefer the bangle to have more movement on your wrist and forearm.



If you don't have a shop close to you, then proceed as follows :


The most practical way to find your bangle size is to measure around your hand at the widest part with a measuring tape : bring your thumb and little finger together as per the illustration, and wrap the measuring tape around your hand, from the base of the little finger to the base of the thumb. Read your measurement and match it with the table here above to select your size.


Bangle measure


Bangle measure 2


You will find a size guide in the product page on our site, just below the size options.


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