What means

What means "guilloché" ?

ZEVA's specificities are the unique patterns engraved at the surface of our creations. These patterns can be geometric, organic, or whatever source of inspiration. Depending on the light direction and intensity, these patterns give a unique reflection, always different, the colour of gold or platinum is never exactly the same because of these reflections. It is very pleasant to wear because the jewel takes a different aspect each time.



We enrich gold and platinum with these complex patterns, called "guilloché"in french, and the craftsmanship is called the "guillochage". Jewellery kept the french name of this art. It finds its roots as far as the 16th century in Europe. For complex patterns, this guilloché is hand made and the craftsman use a complex manual engraving machine with wheels. Other patterns are realised with precise automatic numerical machines that give this surface relief.

Good examples of this art can be found in our STRETCH, WIRED and FROST collections, and ZEVA will release more and more designs using this unique art.