Why the weight of jewelry products matters ?

Why the weight of jewelry products matters ?

Always check the purity and weight of the jewelry products you want to buy, and if it is not mentioned, ask the sales person or the customer hotline to give you these informations. Why ? Because these informations allow you to assess the value for money of the product you plan to buy. 

The manufacturing cost of a piece of a jewelry is essentially made by the amount of precious metals defined by the purity and the weight. 


First, the purity gives you the content of gold or platinum : 24K means pure gold, therefore 18K means 18/24 parts of gold, or 75% of pure gold. 14K means 14/24 part of gold, or 58% of pure gold. 9K is 38% of gold, it means not much gold actually...


It's important to check purity because many pieces of jewelry are sold without clear indications, so if you don't ask you may buy some low value jewelry at high price not worth the money in reality. 


At Zeva, we use only 18K gold and platinum 950/600 because these purities guarantee the best value for money on the long term.


We ship with DDP conditions (Delivered Duty Paid), therefore taxes are included in the price, only transportation is added at checkout depending on your shipment location.


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