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About Zeva

Zeva means precious in old sanskrit

We are a contemporary jewelry brand dedicated to people aspiring at a more balanced life style between their work, family, friends, and leisure time such as arts & culture, sports, travels... Easy to wear in any occasions, our creations are meant to enrich your outfit to give you a unique style.

Our Story

Zeva was founded in 2012

We are based in Switzerland since 2012 and we ship from our different logistics hub to reach easily our customers around the world, thanks to our partnership with Fedex. We produce internally most of our creations in our state of the art facilities, and rely otherwise with our partners and suppliers mainly in Switzerland and Germany.

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Our jewelry

We enrich precious metals with refinement

We enrich precious metals with modern designs and innovative patterns. Our specificity is to mix artisanal skills with modern production, and to propose a very high quality and finishing at a competitive price point, thanks to our state of the art production facilities, our skilled jewellers, technicians and designers.

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Top finishing

It's all about the details from the high quality of the alloys we use, to the perfect machining and hand made finishing. Our products are just in another category when it comes to overall quality. You can also engrave whatever words, symbols,... for free.

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All sizes available

We propose a broad choice of sizes for our rings and bracelets, but still you can contact us if you want a specific custom size that we can produce for you.

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Certified purities

Our gold and platinum alloys are continuously monitored and certified by independent laboratories, we provide a guarantee card with each delivery.

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For women and men

Most of our designs are unisex and can be worn by anyone. And most of our products are also available in yellow gold, red gold and platinum to match all skin tones and preferences.

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