Gold and platinum trend this year

Gold and platinum trend this year

In 2023, more than 50% of the gold jewelry sold in 18K purity worldwide is now in red gold, this trend is strongly installed since 2010.

The rest of the market is shared as follows : 30% of the jewelry is sold in yellow gold, and the remaining 20% is in white gold.

White gold was representing more than 50% of the sales in 2000, it was very trendy at this time as customers wanted more discretion.

For white coloured jewelry, white gold and platinum coexists as the reference in the luxury jewelry, while silver jewelry is mainly made of entry level products or fashion accessories.

This is a global trend, even the Asian or Middle East markets are now red gold oriented while yellow gold was usually strongly installed.

Platinum becomes more and more trendy, particularly among younger generations and men.

The switch from yellow gold to red gold reflects the trend for younger generations to buy brands in 18K purity instead of non branded jewelry that older generations used to wear and which was mainly in yellow gold. Brands propose more choices and red gold is trendy because it can match different skin tones.