How to take care of your jewelry ?

How to take care of your jewelry ?

To maximize the longevity of your gold 18k or platinum jewelry, here are some simple advises for daily use :

- take your jewelry off before getting in a pool and eventually spas, as chlorine added to the water will attack the overall quality of your rings, bracelets, etc...

- remove your jewelry before shower and baths as shampoos and soaps may contain chemicals that lead to progressively cause a film around your jewelry, loosing its luster.

- be careful when it comes to the use of household cleaners including acides and abrasives, these products can quickly damage your jewelry's finish.

- chemicals included in perfumes, makeup, lotions, etc... may also damage the brigthness and integrity of your jewelry, try to put them on last when getting dressed and ready, and take them off before removal of make up.

- clean your jewelry with warm water and a bit of dish soap, let it soak for a couple of hours, dry it with with a microfiber cloth, once dry smoothly polish the surface again with the microfiber cloth, avoid common tissues and towels as they may cause micro stripes.

- be mindful of your jewelry to avoid scratches when doing intensive activities like contacts sports or handy work, remove them before practising and place them in a secured place.

- store your jewelry pieces individually wrapped in a soft cloth to avoid scratching each other.