King of Platinum

King of Platinum

Only two metals in the universe are not grey or white : gold (yellow) and copper (red). Melted together they give to gold alloys different beautiful shades, from pure yellow to rose/red that match different skins tones. 


White gold is made by adding white metals like palladium, platinum, etc... to gold, when melted together these metals take over the yellow of the gold and turn the alloy to greyish. 


For white coloured jewelry, we at Zeva use traditional white gold for the pieces encrusted with diamonds, or on specific request for any other pieces, and also platinum, one of the rarest metal on earth, and the most prestigious when it comes to jewelry.


Platinum comes on top of white gold used at Zeva for white jewelry with stones, by popular demand. 


Platinum is much more difficult to work than gold because of the physical and chemicals properties of the metal, it requires a very high know how and expertise. Alloying, casting, machining, polishing, etc... takes more time than gold and is more challenging in every aspect. Everything is more difficult with platinum, and that's why historically a piece of jewelry in platinum was much more expensive than the same piece in gold. 


Also until recently, platinum jewelry was made with almost pure platinum, the 950/1000 alloy, which has a higher density than gold, the same piece of jewelry is heavier in platinum than in gold, and it is not always comfortable.


In addition to the historical 950/1000 alloy, we have also added to our capability a new alloy made of 60% of platinum, called Platinum 600, which has a closer density to gold, therefore is more comfortable than Platinum 950, and still is an official and recognised platinum alloy, with the Pt600 hallmark.


Today we propose innovative platinum jewelry, on top of white gold available on request for any product or proposed with diamonds.